Child Sex Trafficking by Trump?

The Trump/Barr problem is worse than you think – once you realize they have deliberately conspired to create an environment where children can be abducted from parents and trafficked with impunity – many to Russian financial backers of Barr, Trump and other prominent Republicans.

Ever wonder just why so many Russian Oligarchs are so willing to provide Trump and other Republicans so much money?

And the cover provided by Republican’s deliberately botched response to the Pandemic has worked amazingly well.

Thousands of Immigrant Children Said They Were Sexually Abused in U.S. Detention Centers, Report Says

Barr has ties to convicted child-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein that goes back even farther than Trump’s by at least a decade. His father, Donald Barr – while Headmaster at Dalton – hired Epstein in 1974 as a teacher notwithstanding his complete lack of qualifications. Barr also published a science fiction book where the dominant theme was teen sex slavery.

William Barr continued his association with Jeffrey Epstein and his law firm, Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Barr, represented the child trafficker and pedophile

Wake Up Call: Kirkland Lawyers Facing Glare in Epstein Sex Trafficking Case

Donald Barr was a pedophile. Epstein was a child trafficker and pedophile. Bill Barr is a pedophile. Trump is a pedophile and unrepentant rapist. They are all part of a large international network of child abusers and traffickers.

And Republican persistence in obstructing oversight of ICE has made it easy to disappear kids into the system – to be distributed to GOP pedophiles and their financial backers at home and abroad. Fish in a barrel. No records of the kids. Parents have no rights, no recourse, and no access to legal help in America.

The GOP is lousy with child rapists and sex abusers – all with unfettered access to kids in ICE custody.

GOP Sex And Child-Sex Abuse List

This is a horror like the concentration camps in Nazi Germany – where most German citizens either did not know or refused to believe it was happening right under their noses. Thousands of kids have been deliberately ‘lost’. Trump, Barr and ICE have been running the world’s largest child-trafficking ring in history for the last four years.

Trump, Barr, and many other members of the GOP are implicated in child sex crimes by evidence provided by Maxwell. I’m looking for a headline any day now where she has contracted a ‘mysterious illness’.

QAnon’s recent firehose of virtue-signaling anti-CP propaganda on Facebook is an attempt to dilute the revelation of decades of trafficking of children to Trump and his associates – including his AG and personal fixer Bill Barr.

It isn’t hard to put the pieces together. Its all widely documented and out in the open – like the smoke coming from the chimneys at Treblinka. And where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And in the case of the conspiracy by Republicans to traffic children taken at the border, its a raging inferno.


  • Attorney General William Barr’s dad, Donald Barr, hired Epstein as a teacher in 1973 – even though Epstein had zero experience or qualifications.
  • Epstein engaged in unsavory conduct at Dalton – and it was noticed. For Donald Barr, this wasn’t a bug – it was a feature.
  • Donald Barr wrote and published a book of teen-rape fan-fiction. that’s hundreds of hours of sitting down in a chair, fantasizing about raping kids, writing it into a story, and publishing it.
  • The Barr family has had a relationship with Epstein for 47 years.
  • Current AG Bill Barr grew up with Epstein. Likely introduced him to Trump.
  • Thousands of kids harvested at the border have been “lost”
  • Thousands of kids in ICE custody have been raped by ICE personnel

Attorney General William Barr, and his father, were and are pedophiles who were supplied kids by Epstein for decades. More recently – children taken from parents by ICE and BORTAC at the border who have been ‘disappeared’ into the system are being trafficked to powerful people in America and abroad.

And when a State Prosecutor in Florida, Alex Acosta, later Trump’s Labor Secretary, let Epstein off scott-free after being convicted for child sex crimes.

And recently there was a hit on the family of a Federal Judge who was presiding over Epstein’s case – and the gunman was also conveniently ‘found dead’.

This goes far beyond Trump. At the top of our Federal Government is a ring of men who have been pedophiles and child-traffickers for decades – all connected by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell. They have been engaged in conspiracy to murder witnesses in custody and Federal judges involved with the case. They have continuously obstructed justice and any investigations into crimes committed by the Trump Administration.

They are pure evil.


Only once in the New Testament did Jesus advocate for putting someone to death and it was those who would abuse children:

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
(Matthew 18:6)