I wanted Bernie. I wanted Warren over Biden. I wanted several candidates more than Biden. Nonetheless:

2020 is SO much bigger than Biden

A 2020 Trump Presidency would mean:

  • A conservative judiciary the rest of your life. A likely 7-2 SCOTUS, and another massive chunk of lifetime federal judge appointments.

This means unfavorable rulings for: climate change, abortion, gerrymandering, executive power, executive oversight, Congressional authority, civil rights, immigration issues (children in cages), and so, so much more. You can basically say goodbye to this for decades to come with a Trump Presidency. Everything Bernie, Warren, Democrats, and progressives ever stood for is going to take a sledgehammer with a Trump Presidency.

  • It would mean the continuing takeover of an authoritarian rule. Trump has argued he is immune from indictments, from oversight, from the courts, and he has a DOJ and Republican Senate to help him solidify his role as America’s King.
  • It would mean further emboldening of a worrying white nationalist, conspiratorial presence in America. Racism, sexism, xenophobia, wild conspiracies, and more would be given a green light.
  • The continued isolation of America on the world stage. Every country on the planet besides NK, Saudi Arabia, and Russia does. not. trust. us. anymore. We are a mockery on the world stage in everything we do.
  • The most corrupt cabinet in history. William Barr, Betsy DeVos, Mnuchin, Wheeler, Pence. It’s like a super team of unqualified, horrendous people with enormous conflicts of interest. Every position is basically hired to deconstruct the agency they work for. The intelligence community is being flat-out purged for loyalists.
  • A continuing WAR against climate change efforts and science. Undoubtedly the biggest issue humanity, including our children, grandchildren, and beyond will face.

No matter what your criticisms of Biden are,

Let’s remember who Trump is:

-Trump defrauded the government of $400 million dollars.
-Trump ran a fraudulent charity (one that supported veterans and children with cancer) and university.
-Trump cheated on his third wife with a porn star and illegally paid her to keep quiet before an election.
-Trump committed at least 5 felony instances of Obstruction of Justice., including trying to get Mueller (the man investigating him) fired… twice.
-Trump was impeached for Obstruction of Congress and Abuse of Power.
-Trump killed a top general of a hostile nation that posed no imminent threat.
-Trump has over twenty sexual misconduct/assault allegations.
-Trump tried to lie about a hurricane by extending a forecast with a fucking sharpie on a map because he couldn’t admit he made a mistake on twitter.
-Trump doesn’t believe in climate change.
-Trump thinks windmills cause cancer and raking prevents forest fires.
-Trump is a stable genius – The “nuclear” quote – Another classic
-Trump’s only “political experience” prior to becoming President was fueling a racist conspiracy theory that Obama was born in Kenya.
-Trump told a group of minority Congresswomen (3 of which born in America) to “go back” to the countries they came from.
-Trump got on the stage at Helsinki to tell the world he trusts Vladimir Putin over his own intelligence agencies.
-Trump is purging the intelligence community and replacing the positions with unqualified sycophants.
-Trump is exploiting a public health crisis for personal gain, and using the cover to remove oversight.

At the end of the day, we have a choice to make in November as reasonable adults and Americans.

– Quoted from a Redditor named CaptainNoBoat